Here’s a quiz question: Which is the only language spoken across 5 continents in the world? English? Nope. Spanish? Try again.

Yes. It’s French.

For centuries French has remained the language of high culture, science, art, fashion, gastronomy, and philosophy. The language is rooted in its ideals of the French Revolution- Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity- that have seeped into its very nature. From France to Quebec, Belgium to Senegal, Guadeloupe in the Caribbean to French Guyana in South America the unique sounds of French emanate from over 300 million lips every day.

Our French course will take you from the very basics of French to its soaring heights as lined out by the DELF and DALF structure – the standardized diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates. With interactive online sessions based on a calendar, students will follow a well-laid-out structure of language learning.

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