Babel School of Languages believes in the power of languages- the magic that converts perfect strangers into immediate friends.

It breaks those barriers that are so invisible to the naked eye. Learning languages makes you realize that we are all one- just divided by frontiers of our own making. People go out of their way to help you out when they see you make an effort to actually speak to them in a language that is so near to the heart. The heart melts and transforms itself into a smile on the face. And that smile is our mission.

Our Advantage

Our courses hence bring in dimensions from various domains that pique the curiosity of the learner and help them appreciate the culture that they are now in contact with through the language. Tools such as music, videos, and fiction play an important role in this teaching process.

The instructor is an active leader in this process of discovery always ready to open another new window of perspective to the student.

At Babel School of Languages, we are fine-tuning this process helping young adults and adolescents discover new worlds through languages.

We are constantly developing new interactive methods that help students learn languages online. Our methodology combines regular online face to face classes, group assignments, role plays, and cultural discoveries to facilitate quick and fun learning. Our multilingual instructors include native speakers and professional language instructors.

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