We have a mix of native speakers and Indian instructors who have attained the highest possible certification in the languages that they teach. Our instructors are well trained in online methods for language teaching and ensure a fun, convivial atmosphere that puts an accent on self-expression and communication. 

The duration of the courses depends on the level you choose to start your language journey at. For example, we have Discovery Courses which give you a great introduction to the language in around 28 hours, with a strong understanding of the fundamentals. There are also courses that follow the levels marked out by the Common European Framework and the Japan Foundation, that follow a more conventional course structure and are hence a little longer- around 70-80 hours for Beginner levels. So depending on how keen you are, you can either opt for the Discovery Courses or the Standard Beginner Levels. 

Yes, you can. We have created a separate module for such students who wish to continue their journey beyond the Discovery Course levels. In these modules that they can pick up some of the finer points of the language that are essential to progress to the next level in the courses that follow the standard framework. 

All our online courses are apt for anyone above 14 years of age. For younger children, we are in the process of creating special language packages that would match their requirements. 

The Discovery Courses are all by design group classes. However, there is also the possibility of getting dedicated one-on-one classes for the courses which follow the standard framework. Our maximum group size for an online class is 8-10 students, in most cases. 

Our instructors are not only well trained but also people who have lived in the countries that speak the languages they teach. They hence have an in-depth language of the cultural aspects that are essential for language learning. Conventional language schools often ignore this aspect, focusing instead on rote learning of vocabulary and grammar with no cultural context. We also focus heavily on nurturing the ability of the student to express himself/herself in the language right from the Beginner Levels. 

All Courses have an online quiz at the end of the curriculum and the candidates will be given a certificate based on their performance. 

The Courses which follow the Common European Framework and the Japan Foundation Framework are designed to equip you to ace the certification exams conducted by these authorities.